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Stefan Stroemsdoerfer
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95448 Bayreuth 
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Klosterweg 46
89233 Neu-Ulm 
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my activities
studying physics 
some Pictures 
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self written software  (Freeware!)
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sample tours with height-profile and maps 
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some pictures
rockets built from plastic-bottles 
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the dark page 
riddles, geometry, Jokes, illusions 
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links, links, links... 
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10.10.2001: Liapunov-Creator V2.2
18.7.: "first light"
first big picture(1000x1000) calculated with the parser (< 3 hours):
Explode.jpg (324kB)
gallery with more pictures: Liapunov-page
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I tried to design this page also for slower connections, so that one mostly can navigate without pictures. I'm happy about critics of all kind, especially recommendations for improvements. If you also have a homepage, send me the URL.

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last change: 4.3.2003

important changes since:

4.3.03:       - new version of water-rocket-simulation (computer-page)
16.3.02:     - description of bug in liapunov now in readme file (including how to "avoid")
7.11.01:     - 3 new pictures and parameterfiles in lyapunov-gallery 5
10.10.01:   - lyapunov creator version 2.2 and new pictures
8.8.01:       - new lyapunov-pictures: gallery 4 complete (incl. parameterfiles)
8.8.01:       - minor bugs fixed in Liap. 2.1 (Note: the .zip-file is still named ...2_0...)
7.8.01:       - Liapunov-Creator V2.1: bug in the parser removed and two new Options
29.7.01:     - Liapunov-Creator V2.0 final release !!! see Computer-page
28.7.01:     - new Lyapunov pictures
27.7.01:     - removed bug in the parser !!!
26.7.01:     - beta (5) improved: rotated preview, decimal-comma also with english Windows
24.7.01:     - new lyapunov-pictures and Creator beta release 5
23.7.01:     - 3 new images in Lyapunov-gallery 2
22.7.01:     - started translation for english version