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        the study of physics

I'm already studying physics since october 1.st 1997 in Erlangen/Bavaria.

what's to tell about this...?

the beginning (first year)

the second year the third year
During october I did the first part of the advanced practical course and this november the lectures start again. This term I listen to theoretical electrodynamik and solid state physics, also some not important, but interesting lectures. I also started the little job in the superconductor laboratory again and my aim is to contact small structures (<1 µm) with the tip of a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) and so do some measurements high Tc-superconductors.

In the 6.th term I started my subsidiary subject - High frequency technics. This is part of electrotechnics and seems a good addition to physics. Also I got my last theorie-certificate that I had to: quantum mechanics II. There's only one course left for the winter: thermodynamic and statistics.

Here's the link to the computer-pool of the physik-department in Erlangen. There are homepages of the other people studying physics and more information about physics in Erlangen.

Because of so much free space in this page, one more dog: 

I hope my english isn't too bad, but in order to get a little training I wrote this part of my homepage in english.

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